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A few words about APM
A Pleines Mains (APM) is a non-denominational charity. Our objective is to allow the Chinese and international communities to work together to help the most deprived in China. A Pleines Mains is a group of volunteers active in Shanghai, and elsewhere in China, since 1999. Around seventy volunteers participate regularly in our activities, working tirelessly to achieve our common goal: helping the most needy in China, in particular orphans and the handicaped.
Collect & Give
A charitable organization, A Pleines Mains (or "With Full Hands") is a bridge between private individuals and/or foundations wishing to become involved with projects aiding the poor and needy in China.

We receive clothing, books, used household items and monetary donations to support charitable projects, run by men and women in whom we trust and who truly "make a difference" to the daily lives of the needy in China.

Thanks to our volunteers and our low operating costs, 90% of profit from sales and 100% of donated funds received go directly to our projects.

A depot collects and resells clothes, furniture and second hand objects given by private individuals or companies. All donations go to our projects, directly or indirectly: first the collected goods are sorted into items that can be sold and those that can go directly to the groups we support, according to their needs (targeted donations). The "little hands" of APM will prepare a box of clothes for under-privileged families, fund raising will finance the cardiac surgery for a young orphan or will pay the salary of Ayis at an orphanage …

Sales are organized every month. At first they were attended more by expatriates than Chinese, today it's the opposite as the information spreads by word-of-mouth that APM's monthly sales are a great place to buy things.

Our book-corners raise funds to fund libraries in rural China through the sale of second hand books : the opportunity to do good while indulging in a good read!
How we help...
We aim to improve the living conditions, bring medical care and help improve the quality of life of the poor and needy.

Improving living conditions :
Through both financial and material aid we help to renovate housing, improve hygenic conditions and help with clothing, 

Medical Assistance
We fund the purchase of medicines, doctors' salaries and finance vital operations. Medical treatment improves the quality of life and, for orphans, a better chance of being adopted. 

Helping Children

In order to give needy children the chance of a brighter future, we fund, amongst other things, their school fees and the salaries of teachers and teaching assistants.